How to fix MSVCP140 dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll error in FAR CRY 5

Then download and install the updates that you have not installed. These are the ways which can see howto Fix VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing in Windows 10. There are also some websites and software that promise to fix for some bucks but there are never trusted, checked and there’s no guarantee in it.

Perform a full system scan with the latest updated antivirus or antimalware software. The common reasons which appear this error is updating Windows, installing some malware or harmful apps or programs, deleting a part or a file of C++ package, and more. These are some of the common reasons but it can possibly appear due to many problems. Here’s how to how to Fix VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing in Windows 10. If none of the above-mentioned steps was enough to solve the “VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer” error, try to reinstall the application you are unable to open. Maybe you restored the file successfully, but it is the application itself that cannot identify it.

  • If the driver is missing, outdated, or broken, it will trigger a communication breakdown between the game and the visual C ++ package, causing such errors to occur.
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  • Which makes the program unusable and in some cases, the program doesn’t open at all.
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These DLLs power to a lot of grunt work for software. However, that also means when they fail or are missing, the program in question can’t run. Vcruntime140.dll is directly connected to Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable components. In this case, if the Microsoft Visual C++ is corrupt or damaged, chances are you’ll likely get this error.

Download a New Copy of the VCRUNTIME140_1 dll

Looking at the value you got the idea which Microsoft Visual C++ package you have to download. In my case, I have to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 X 64. In the listed down programs under System and Security category, select the System to review the status of the computer. Any of the C++ package components have been removed accidentally, or corrupted or download vcruntime140_dll from fails to function. @brooklin99I’ve merged your post with the master thread for this issue. Please see the accepted solution on page one for a possible fix.

Restart your PC if you are still facing this error. Perform the steps that are given in the steps below, in case of doubt post the query with a detailed explanation. We will revert to you at the earliest possible. You have to wait until the completion of the scan and restoration process.


To run it just type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and hit Enter to execute it. Select the specific system operating bit-value and hit the Next button. Press Windows+R key altogether to open the Run program and type Control panel. Look out for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable from the drop-down list. Right–click on it to select the “change” option. You can use Windows Defender or any other third-party antivirus.

Usually, the problem arises after installing Windows updates or after the installation of a specific program fails. More often than not, Microsoft rolls out security updates for the Microsoft Visual C++ software via the Windows Update utility. So, if you are having issues with the “VCRUNTIME140.dll Is Missing” error, you may try checking for any available updates via the Windows Update service. With Client, you can download the MSVCP140.dll file with just one click, then install it easily on your computer. You don’t need to verify your Windows version. More importantly, you don’t need to worry about downloading a wrong file.

In this post, we have described several methods for fixing the error. You don’t have to try all of them; start with the first one and work your way down until you are able to get rid of the issue. However, before we look at the solutions, let us look at the common causes for “VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing” error. «And if it’s a Windows issue, why would the error message say «Try reinstalling?

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